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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Jinan Zhangqiu Yinzuo Jiayue Hotel (Inzone Garland Hotel Zhangqiu Jinan), L'hotel si trova nel centro di Shuangshan Street, Zhangqiu, adiacente alla piazza dello shopping di Ginza.
L'hotel è un lussuoso hotel turistico d'affari investito e costruito da Zhangqiu City Construction Comprehensive Development Company e gestito dal gruppo turistico Shandong Yinzuo. Con un'area di costruzione di 30000 metri quadrati e 26 pavimenti come corpo principale, è il punto di riferimento di Zhangqiu.Dispone di camere moderne, caffetteria cinese e occidentale, camere da banchetto piene di caratteristiche culturali, centro congressi di lusso per 10-500 persone, sauna calda e romantica e camere KTV, dotate di aria condizionata centrale, televisione a circuito chiuso satellitare, banda larga di rete, telefono con linea diretta nazionale e internazionale e altre strutture, che sono sala da pranzo, soggiorno, Party, turismo, shopping, tempo liberoIl posto migliore.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • astras
    Hotel Nice location, good facilities, good sanitation
    The hotel is located in the city centre, good peripheral environment, travel more convenient, rooms a bit dated, the attitude of the hotel staff is also quite good, next time business or living here.
  • linda1
    A nice hotel, I help my parents in
  • m00367418
  • e00901044
    General for also good! just to of big bed room actually is two a bed spell to with of! two a people sleep Middle also youdao every on this is not understanding! bed is enough big later only found is two a single bed spell of! but hotel around is convenient is a mall this is like! I think room in of using items the upgrade has! with of too long has are not so white has! for service and breakfast are is satisfaction! housing in also is clean clean!
  • lee21yy
    All right
  • andyandy002
    Front desk service is not bad! really tempted to ridicule. When checking out, the front desk for personal reasons, so we waited nearly half an hour of time and almost delayed the exam, have not gave me authorization to cancel! I waited in vain for over half a month. recent phone call to the hotel asked the person who answered the phone at the front desk super bad attitude! Up to now, pre-authorization not to cancel me. friends say that next time and I will never go again.Hotel Hyatt can be considered more upscale Ginza, employing standards should be so low, there was!
  • agileasun
    What is not clean towels and sheets, probably because of too long
  • seasonalice
  • apollo_369
    Zhangqiu nice hotel, good location, good breakfast.
  • cseve
    Water mains broke out muddy. poor service
  • guideyi
    Lobby service is also pretty good, old rooms facilities, signing the single was at breakfast waiter Chase asked it several times, I have repeatedly explained already checked out, the waiter seems to be unaware of the sign meant.
  • e00242017
    Some of the old room there. no services at all
  • perlnet
    Decent hotel
  • liaojiantai
    It's OK
  • linjieting
    Hotel a bit dated!
  • tutenglong
    Which is very nice
  • amber_fujing
    All right
  • Arena 77
    It's OK
  • xiaoliang
    Cleaning now as before, the waiter used bath towels are not changed, stacked up on the back, also used towels to clean the toilet, even back to cleaning also feel bad. front desk service was good ... has always been this way, is also recommended.
  • wljimmy
    Hotel only Samsung standards. service is not good ... will not stay.
  • e00536682
    Great hotel, traveling to zhangqiu lived in this hotel is quite convenient
  • jinxiao1018
    Equipment is old, zhangqiu hotel prices are generally cheaper, compared to the other hotels even if they are expensive, but the room, equipment, and unsatisfactory in every way. waiter was very good, near a KFC, eat fairly easy.
  • apple fan
    The hotel is very clean, helping friend, stayed there, rest assured, is a bustling area around, eating is very convenient for shopping.
  • freeartist
    Which is very nice
  • xyrbb
    Suite 355 is good, breakfast is OK, completely worth the price
  • Awei1970
    Good location, nice helpful. recommended
  • baffit
    Great location, go out shopping for dinner which is very convenient. facilities maintained very well, very comfortable. staff service attitude is good, cleaning is clean, would stay next time.
  • cartoon
    Modern facilities, first-class service, good sanitation
  • bujie0
    Best hotels in zhangqiu city, not too many choices, hoping to practice international chain brand management
  • Stella725
    Bad air conditioning spray dust, choking
  • gaobo819
    A into room on has a unit rich of floor drain taste, is smelly, find has waiter to to processing, just spray has points air fresh agent, and bathroom no to towel, waiter told the room not equipped with to towel, so will, bathroom of water stepped on to bedroom of carpet Shang, is cleaning carpet cost low also is wash a to pad cost low? but General, service also is compared timely of.
  • Doris221
    Which is very nice
  • maofeng
    OK, to the company's staff book, is a good hotel, location, customer convenience, if the English service will be better.
  • XB1980
    Zhangqiu County of choice
  • linggo
    Very good, price is good, my room was big, bed was very comfortable ... service was good, only to houses on edge, waiting for a while to make room for.
  • simon818
    In zhangqiu area is a good choice, listen to introduce are more representative of the local hotel, overall is good, you can choose. health services are good ... breakfast was OK, did not reach the hotel star standard. might be regional differences, and cities also are different. wireless network rather easy.
  • li617
    Very nice hotel, the rooms are clean and spacious. quiet, parking spaces, more, pretty good!
  • new_feng
    The hotel can also, is corridor a little taste
  • doublewe
    Cause of wonder is a special room, not 4 star, check out 15 minutes
  • sofeyya
    Inzone Garland always is the best choice for our customers. This is Egypt's customers to talk business
  • cissy7249
    Hotels in the area, near the Ginza Mall, surrounding environment, shopping, transport, meals are very convenient, services and sanitation is first-class, WiFi signal better fellow passionate of zhangqiu kind, smart and good at doing business. inadequate facilities (shower) some old, breakfast quality could be improved.
  • AddyLee
    Also is the same
  • dp_wang
    Zhangqiu good hotel
  • nicecity
    Zhangqiu live year after year, as live as possible disappointment, will ever live, and do not want to say!
  • congj
    Nice, good light, sort of zhangqiu downtown
  • ciwei372885952
    Very good
  • e00151536
  • Carmenyang58
    Still nice, breakfast dining environment
  • cindyxyan
    Hotel health generally, staff good, checkout is slow, will stay again.